Play/ground(ing): Entwining of pedagogical work, play and design (paper presentation)

Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education Conference 2022

June 2022

This paper details a project of differently designing, building and occupying a preschool playground. In an attempt to create such difference, or the otherwise-ness, and guided by Peter Moss’ vital questioning of early childhood education as a ethical or ethical (political) practice, I begin with a sketch of the dominant discourses that dictate how playgrounds (particularly in ECE settings) are designed and of the functionality allocated to them in these systems. I then outline the research and design project that culminated in the construction and subsequent occupation of a preschool playground of an early learning centre in Southwestern Ontario. Here, I focus in particular on the intimate intertwining between the pedagogical intentions of a particular centre and their design implications.

Alongside detailing the movements of educators, children, and human and non-human others involved in the project, I contemplate the severance of connection between design and practices of innovation that are steeped deeply in neo-liberal, settler-colonial and developmental regimes. The questions I ask here are about design’s implication in the construction of systems which favour expertise, generalization, convenience, and utility; and about design’s potential in reimagining futures open to the everyday practices of co-implication and care. At the same time, I trouble the ease with which we assume we know play, asking: In the name of what is outdoor play being promoted? Who really has a right to play? Where, spatially, does play belong? And how might attending to relational play compositions in small everyday spaces allow us to open pedagogical possibilities for playing (being, becoming) with the Other?

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